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Victory Income Investors

Since 1970, Victory Income Investors has been building a quality reputation as a fixed-income investment manager. In addition to taxable and tax-exempt fixed income portfolios, we also manage convertible securities strategies.

Our fixed income philosophy is that a yield-focused portfolio, built bond by bond using fundamental bottom-up analysis, can over time generate attractive total returns relative to peers.

Our rigorous investment process is rooted in a team-oriented approach among our portfolio managers, research analysts and traders. Each group of skilled and experienced professionals offers vital contributions toward our long-term mission: to help provide for our investors’ financial well-being by seeking consistently superior risk-adjusted returns.

IDEA GENERATION: We look for investments where our fundamental understanding of credit risk differs from the market. Our collaborative approach encourages best ideas to bubble up from across the investment team.

CREDIT ANALYSIS: Bottom-up fundamental analysis is matched with top-down oversight and a robust challenge process. We issue independent ratings on each bond holding and continuously monitor credit quality.

SECURITY SELECTION: A bond is selected when the portfolio manager determines it has relative value, based on credit quality, price and structure. When we invest, we do so with conviction, which frequently leads us to look different than the benchmark or peer group.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Risk is broadly diversified and understood at the security level. We seek to make sure our entry point provides enough reward potential to cover risks that may emerge between purchase and maturity.

Our Convertible Securities philosophy is centered on bottom-up research and has remained consistent over the last 25 years. The objective is to achieve superior returns while minimizing risk by identifying and remaining fully invested in convertible securities that possess the following characteristics: 1) strong underlying equity potential, 2) high quality financial characteristics, and 3) the opportunity for solid total return over a 12- to 18-month time horizon. Senior members of our Convertible Securities team have been together since 1998 and have employed the same philosophy and process since inception.

Investment Team

Victory Income Investors

John Spear

Victory Income Investors

Co-Chief Investment Officer

John Spear is co-chief investment officer of Victory Income Investors, which was formerly known as USAA Investments, a Victory Capital Investment Franchise, and was acquired by Victory Capital in July 2019.

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Victory Income Investors

Jim Jackson

Victory Income Investors

Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management

Jim Jackson is co-chief investment officer and senior portfolio manager of Victory Income Investors, which was formerly known as USAA Investments, a Victory Capital Investment Franchise, and was acquired by Victory Capital in July 2019.

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