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Take advantage of our digital tools for your investing needs. Stay connected, collaborate, personalize and make informed investing decisions all in one place. Still need help? Reach out to one of our Investment Specialists to discuss your investing goals.

Mobile App

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Manage your accounts and invest on the go with the Victory Capital Mobile App.

Device Recognition

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Current account holders — take advantage of simple and secure sign in by using device recognition on your personal device.

Biometric Sign In

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Securely access your accounts on the Victory Capital with biometric sign in.

Portfolio Planning


Building an investment portfolio to support your investment goals is as easy as answering a few simple questions. Sign in and select 'Portfolio Planner' at the bottom of your dashboard.

Manage Retirement Savings

and view current & prior year contributions and make a one-time contribution, or establish an Automatic Investment Plan.

Automatic Investment Planning


An Automatic Investment Plan is one of the best ways to invest. Automatically contribute funds from a personal account to be invested in a range of investment options on a schedule of your choice.

Transaction History


Easily download account transaction history via PDF or CSV. Visit 'My Portfolio' on the
secure dashboard & select an account.

Access IRA Contributions


Get quick access to current and prior year IRA contributions amounts online. Visit 'My Portfolio' section  on the secure dashboard, then select an IRA account.

RMD Management

Easily manage your required minimum distribution (RMD) online. From the secure dashboard, select 'Account Services' then 'Required Minimum Distribution.'