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Victory Diversified Stock Fund
  • The Fund seeks to deliver capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily domestic companies.
  • The Fund focuses on securities that we believe are high-quality with the potential for above-average earnings growth, as well as current earnings momentum.
  • Intense fundamental, bottom-up stock research is coupled with robust risk controls to drive potential positive risk-adjusted performance versus the benchmark over a market cycle.

Risk Measures

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Top 10 Holdings

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Sector Diversification

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Asset Allocation

Investment Approach 
Victory’s Diversified Stock fund seeks to provide long-term growth of capital by pursuing a blended active core equity investment strategy. We have the flexibility to purchase both value and growth stocks in an effort to produce consistent, positive returns across all market cycles. 
Philosophy & Process 
Consistent returns can be achieved by investing primarily in undervalued stocks that possess a catalyst which will cause the value to be realized. This is achieved by constructing a well-diversified portfolio that combines both a top-down and bottom-up methodology and avoids excessive sector and security concentrations. 

Management Team

Robert Crosby
Robert Crosby

Chief Investment Officer & Senior Portfolio Manager | Mid-Cap Core Growth, Multi-Cap and Diversified Equity Strategies

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