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Get straightforward answers to your education savings questions in these short videos.

What is a 529 plan and what are the primary benefits of investing in one?

Learn the purpose of a 529 plan and what makes it a tax-advantaged investment that might be right for you. (2:21)



What type of expenses can a 529 plan be used for?

Learn how a 529 plan can be used for qualifying education expenses so you don't incur federal taxes on withdrawals. (2:34)



When you're thinking about how much to save for future education, what should you keep top-of-mind?

Learn the three primary considerations for saving for future education costs: time, investment amount and risk. (1:56)



Does a 529 plan account affect the potential for scholarships?

Learn how 529 plans can be used, even when your student earns a scholarship. (1:06)



Does a 529 plan account impact financial aid?

Learn how 529 plans can impact financial aid. (1:41)



How can a beneficiary leverage left over funds in their 529 plan account?

Learn how leftover funds in a 529 plan account can still be used, including some options that don't involve tax penalties. (1:49)



Which education savings option might be right for you?

Watch this 30-minute video to learn:

  • Why it’s important to save for education
  • Education savings options
  • How to choose a plan and get started
  • Added bonus: professional photographer tips



Stay tuned for more videos.

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