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Victory Strategic Allocation Fund
  • This Fund of Funds seeks to provide income and long-term capital growth by investing in a broad range of mutual funds and ETFs.
  • The team provides an alternative to traditional 60/40 funds through adaptive allocation across a broad range of asset classes.
  • The Fund allocates to mutual funds and ETFs that invest in small-, mid- and large-cap value and growth stocks in the U.S. and overseas, as well as U.S. fixed income and long-short and market-neutral strategies.

Risk Measures

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Fund Holding

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Allocation Asset Class

One-stop solution 

  • Leverages the expertise of Victory Capital’s autonomous 
    investment franchises 
  • Accesses a diverse range of mutual funds and ETFs 
  • Provides an alternative to a traditional 60/40 balanced fund 

Adapting to changing markets 

Selects a portfolio mix across multiple asset classes and strategies to address changing economic, market and industry conditions 

Broadly diversified 

Seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns by strategically allocating to a broad range of asset classes and strategies, diversified by style and geography: 
> Equity: 

  • International and U.S. Equity 
  • Value and Growth 
  • Micro, Small, Medium and Large-cap 

> Income oriented: U.S. Fixed Income, Market Neutral Income 

> Alternatives: Long/Short, Commodities 


Management Team

Kelly S. Cliff
Kelly S. Cliff

President, Investment Franchises

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