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Victory Munder Multi-Cap Fund
  • The Fund seeks to deliver consistent, long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily domestic companies with market capitalizations of $1 billion and above.
  • The Fund focuses on securities that we believe are high-quality with the potential for above-average earnings growth, as well as current earnings momentum.
  • Intense fundamental, bottom-up stock research is coupled with robust risk controls to seek positive risk-adjusted performance versus the benchmark over a market cycle.

Risk Measures

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Top 10 Holdings

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Sector Diversification

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Asset Allocation

Investment Approach 
The Victory Munder Multi-Cap Fund’s management team seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation in the Fund by identifying secular growth trends and investing in stocks of companies the team believes will benefit from these trends. In selecting individual securities for the Fund, the team looks for companies it believes have significant growth opportunities and exhibit attractive long-term growth characteristics. It does so by conducting a thorough review of a company’s products and services, competitive positioning, balance sheet and financial stability. In addition, the team attempts to identify and evaluate underlying growth drivers for each company and to arrive at a projected fair value for the company’s equity securities. 
Philosophy & Process 
The management team’s process is designed to achieve consistent long-term returns across the full breadth of market conditions and economic cycles. The focus of its investment process is on security selection and risk management. The team believes this is the best way to position investors to achieve an optimal balance between potential reward and investment risk over a complete market cycle. 

Management Team

Robert Crosby
Robert Crosby

Chief Investment Officer & Senior Portfolio Manager | Mid-Cap Core Growth, Multi-Cap and Diversified Equity Strategies

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