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THB is made up of a diverse team of investment professionals from all over the world, whose varied experiences and opinions inform their investment decisions.

THB seeks opportunities in capacity-constrained asset classes such as small- and micro-capitalization companies. The availability of third-party ESG research in these asset classes is scarce. So, THB developed a proprietary ESG rating system.

The THB research process includes using publicly available information sources (e.g., websites, news stories, regulatory filings, etc.) to identify potential

ESG risks in candidate and portfolio companies. Active engagement with company management is an integral part of its decision-making and stewardship activities.

ESG is fully integrated into THB’s investment philosophy. The firm is a signatory of the UNPRI and has committed to the Montréal Carbon Pledge. THB publicly discloses the aggregate carbon footprint of portfolios it manages.

The investment team recognizes that there is a correlation between high-quality companies, strong corporate citizenship, and long-term shareholder value creation.


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