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In addition to the two new Investment Franchises that help us expand our ESG-related investment offering, it is noteworthy to discuss our third acquisition of 2021 in the context of innovation. WestEnd Advisors became our 12th Investment Franchise in December, and its addition is truly transformational to our business.

WestEnd uses a sector-driven macroeconomic process to efficiently implement actively managed global ETF strategies. This represents a new dimension of growth and diversification for Victory Capital because WestEnd delivers the types of products that we believe investors are demanding to help them build more complete portfolios.

Our industry continues to evolve. We continue to stay in front of product trends by introducing the products that our clients are demanding and that help round out their portfolios. The launch of a new private fund for accredited investors indexed to cryptocurrencies is yet another example of our commitment to product innovation to meet client objectives.

At the same time, we continue to achieve meaningful progress toward a number of important strategic priorities.

  • Data analytics – to help us make better business decisions and tailor messages to different audiences
  • Digital engagement – to help us better serve our clients, increase brand recognition, and leverage our presence on various social media platforms
  • Accretive acquisitions – to help us evolve our investment capabilities, address changing buyer behaviors, and expand our delivery platform to serve clients more comprehensively
  • ESG integration – to help deliver social and investment value for clients and address growing investor demand


Our unique business model was thoughtfully structured to encourage our autonomous Investment Franchises to make independent portfolio decisions without distractions like administrative, operational, or distribution responsibilities.

Kelly Cliff, CFA
President, Investment Franchises
Victory Capital


These are some of the many reasons that Victory Capital remains a growth company in an industry where many struggle to maintain the status quo. The effectiveness of our unique business model and our innovative approach to product development and product lifecycle have a direct impact on our long- term success.

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